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Richard King Quotes and Sayings

I hope you find great value in these Quotes by Richard King from my large collection of motivational and inspirational quotes and sayings.

Movies are an art form that is very available to the masses.
- Richard King

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I never want to become arrogant and think I've made a flawless movie.
- Richard King

Most of my technical knowledge comes from having worked
in the industrial video industry.
- Richard King

Directors who turn into big babies and shut out criticism stop learning.
- Richard King


I think the act of condensing months or years of work
down to a couple hours of entertainment is pretty wild and extremely rewarding.
- Richard King

When I'm working on a movie, I will make any sacrifice to finish it.
- Richard King

More people are exposed to movies than to most other forms of art.
- Richard King

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I'm not impressed by someone's degree...
I'm impressed by them making movies.
- Richard King

I have done some short pieces that are not horror.
- Richard King

Censorship of ideas or images or words is wrong.
- Richard King

I think you get out of film school what you put into it.
If you don't care about making movies,
film school will do you no good.
- Richard King

We should assume that the end product can be switched
off by any consumer who is offended or frightened by it.
- Richard King

Violent behavior exists in one's psychological makeup
much deeper than the level that receives information
from television or movies.
- Richard King

Everyone has an opinion, and the guy screaming for
censorship may be the next guy to have his ideas cut off.
- Richard King

Each feature I make is my focus at that time.
- Richard King

This indication of audience interest is good for all
horror movie makers at any budget level.
- Richard King

We should all have the opportunity to express what we want to express.
- Richard King

I aspire to eventually be making my living by making movies.
- Richard King

I like the fact that major studios have been attempting horror films recently.
- Richard King

I position everything else in my life around making movies.
- Richard King

Also, I plan to screw something up on every movie I
do so that I can learn from my mistakes and become
a better director with each project.
- Richard King

I have never seen a connection between cinematic violence
towards women and actual violence towards women in society.
- Richard King

I am not stopped by low funds, physical exhaustion,
mental exhaustion, or temptations to stop and work
on some other production that would be more financially rewarding.
- Richard King

And the fact that you must make the movie for yourself
because no one else will ever fully appreciate the endeavor,
makes it a more rewarding challenge.
- Richard King

In this way, some film schools can be destructive.
- Richard King

Many of us view the bible and other religious teachings as mythology.
- Richard King

I did not go to film school.
- Richard King

Cinema has only been around for about 100 years.
Has all of the world's violence towards women taken
place only within the past 100 years?
- Richard King

Subject matter that is not bound to reality offers
more opportunity to write a unique story and cinematically
present it in very unique ways.
- Richard King

The horror genre is important because it promotes experimentation in filmmaking.
- Richard King

To us, basing stories on christianity is the same as
basing stories on Roman mythology,
Native American folklore, or unsubstantiated government conspiracies.
- Richard King

I've also directed, shot, and edited several music videos.
- Richard King

Yet I never want to make a movie purely for the money.
- Richard King

If a violent act towards a woman takes place,
and the inspiration for that act is violence in cinema,
the inspiration for that act would have come from somewhere
else if movies didn't exist.
- Richard King

You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies -
all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.
- Steve Martin

A lot of movies are about life, mine are like a slice of cake.
- Alfred Hitchcock

Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.
- Tim Burton

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping
young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the
ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.
- Walt Disney

If you don't like my movies, don't watch them.
- Dario Argento

The movies are the only business where you can go out
front and applaud yourself.
- Will Rogers

Most of us do not consciously look at movies.
- Roger Ebert

Movies are something people see all over the world
because there is a certain need for it.
- Wim Wenders

I make movies I want to see.
- Neil LaBute

I just like movies that somehow expose the world in
a way that's different than you imagine it.
- Alex Winter

And in movies you must be a gambler.
To produce films is to gamble.
- Douglas Sirk

Sometimes in movies, I still have to be the hero,
but it's not all that important to me anymore.
- Dennis Quaid

Movies are not scripts - movies are films;
they're not books,
they're not the theatre.
- Nicolas Roeg

I don't take the movies seriously, and anyone who does is in for a headache.
- Bette Davis

Adding sound to movies would be like putting lipstick on the Venus de Milo.
- Mary Pickford

There's only one thing that can kill the movies,
and that's education.
- Will Rogers

Movies are a complicated collision of literature,
theatre, music and all the visual arts.
- Yahoo Serious

There's an electrical thing about movies.
- Oliver Stone

I think cinema, movies, and magic have always been closely associated.
The very earliest people who made film were magicians.
- Francis Ford Coppola

The movies we love and admire are to some extent a
function of who we are when we see them.
- Mary Schmich

You can map your life through your favorite movies,
and no two people's maps will be the same.
- Mary Schmich

Nobody makes movies bad on purpose.
- Roland Emmerich

We are the movies and the movies are us.
- David Ansen

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.
- Roger Ebert

When you make a film you usually make a film about an idea.
- Sydney Pollack

I'm married to the theater but my mistress is the films.
- Oskar Werner

I don't think you should feel about a film.
You should feel about a woman, not a movie.
You can't kiss a movie.
- Jean-Luc Godard

The length of a film should be directly related to
the endurance of the human bladder.
- Alfred Hitchcock

Citizen Kane is perhaps the one American talking picture
that seems as fresh now as the day it opened.
It may seem even fresher.
- Pauline Kael

It couldn't sound like a dog, because K9 isn't a dog,
but I made it sound as mechanical as possible.
- John Leeson

So, where's the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?
- Christina Aguilera

You read a script and its based on 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction',
and it goes right in the bin.
- Tim Roth

Every single art form is involved in film,
in a way.
- Sydney Pollack

Even if I set out to make a film about a fillet of sole,
it would be about me.
- Federico Fellini

'Home Alone' was a movie, not an alibi.
- Jerry Orbach

A film is a petrified fountain of thought.
- Jean Cocteau

I was obsessed with romance.
When I was in high school, I saw 'Doctor Zhivago' every
day from the day it opened until the day it left the theater.
- John Hughes

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