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Edit Quotes

I hope you find great value in these Quotes about Edit from my large collection of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings.

To a philosopher all news,
as it is called, is gossip,
and they who edit and read it
are old women over their tea.
- Henry David Thoreau

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Yes, the marriage proposal was shot.
Michael excluded the dialogue from the final edit.
- Madeleine Stowe

TO preach a sermon or edit a newspaper were the two
things in life which I always felt I could do with
credit to myself and benefit to the world,
if I only had the chance.
- Rebecca H. Davis

I don't fiddle or edit or change while I'm going through that first draft.
- Nora Roberts


And the most important thing you can do is learn to edit yourself.
And then go back and rewrite.
- Kurt Loder

I was very much fascinated with the technology we had
that we could edit in the computer our compositions,
but all the sounds that were available on the market were crap.
- Miroslav Vitous

Yes, in my books I do edit myself to keep from becoming the Village Explainer.
- Thomas Perry

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There is also an artistic element which is lead by the film maker.
Issues of what is reality and objectivity are as always
relevant as someone is going to edit the film.
- Ben Edwards

That's the only way to do it.
Just like an actor.
You can get a great performance if you do a bunch of takes and edit it.
You find the moments and string them together.
- Lindsey Buckingham

I was relatively technically adept.
I can edit and wire up a light.
- Ian Hart

Revising a screenplay is much more frustrating than
revising a song because you have to read through the
entire work again while you are changing stuff.
It is a lot easier to edit a song.
- Kelly Jones

There's editing, and scripts to read and edit,
and casting, and all the elements of production that
just sort of take up the normal downtime that you would have as an actor.
So there's not a lot of that for me.
- Richard Dean Anderson

First, I'm trying to edit down about 7 hours of material
which I made prior to the Cop days and find some way to get it out.
This stuff is pretty out there, mostly sonic collages and tape manipulations.
- Jim Coleman

I record all of my music with authentic instruments
in a studio before we start editing,
doing many, many versions.
The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic
relationship to the content.
- Ken Burns

I feel sorry for people who have to edit me.
Which is why book writing is by far the most enjoyable.
Really the only thing it's based on is whether it's good or not.
No book editor, in my experience, is getting a manuscript and try to rewrite it.
- Chuck Klosterman

And in Hollywood, you know, everyone is an expert.
Most of them are expert editors.
They can't direct, they can't write,
they can't act,
but, by God, they all think they can edit.
- John Frankenheimer

When I edit, I'm not from the school of Hello,
I'm a genius, so everybody shut up.
I'm from the school of Let's play it once in front of an audience,
and then I'll tell you where it is going.
- Garry Marshall

I am atheist in a very religious mould.
I'm always asking myself the big questions.
Where did we come from? Is there a meaning to all of
this? When I find myself in church,
I edit the hymns as I sing them.
- Mark Haddon

The worst thing you can do is censor yourself as the pencil hits the paper.
You must not edit until you get it all on paper.
If you can put everything down, stream-of-consciousness,
you'll do yourself a service.
- Stephen Sondheim

They're pretty particular about what they show.
They certainly edit the scripts and have conversations
with the writers about what they are and aren't willing to portray.
But the writers and the network are pretty much on the same page.
- James Denton

There's something about taking a film from concept to script,
through production, and then to see the final thing
happening in the edit phase.
It's almost like a miracle in the making.
- Maria Menounos

I think the wonderful thing about doing theater is
that it's more of an actor's medium.
I think that film is more of a director's medium.
You can't edit something out on stage.
It's there.
- Kim Cattrall

Anything can happen in SF.
And the fact that nothing ever does happen in SF is
only due to the poverty of our imaginations,
we who write it or edit it or read it.
But SF can in principle deal with anything.
- John Sladek

Now that I can edit the whole thing on AVID and edit the whole thing on tape,
maybe I will do the next digitally, because maybe the
quality will become less obvious between tape and film.
- Michael Apted

You are traveling and see these people shooting the
entire experience of going through a city,
and maybe in the back of their minds they sustain the
illusion that they will edit it all,
but I don't think that's it.
- Atom Egoyan

I'm pretty selective.
I generally edit the contact sheets and then do work prints.
Because I have my own lab and printers,
I can afford the luxury of going through the contact
sheets for black-and-white,
making up work prints, seeing them big,
and honing them down.
- Herb Ritts

A disk unbeknownst to the director can go to the producer
in another city or in another office and that producer
can edit behind the director's back much easier than in the old days.
Since these dailies are now put on videotape,
more kinds of people have access to dailies.
- John Frankenheimer

You have to edit the material.
That assumes that some kind of a mind is operating
in relation to the material.
Not all minds are the same.
Every aspect of filmmaking requires choice.
The selection of the subject, the shooting,
editing and length are all aspects of choice.
- Frederick Wiseman

As we watch TV or films, there are no organic transitions,
only edits.
The idea of A becoming B, rather than A jumping to B,
has become foreign.
- Esa-Pekka Salonen

When you publish a book, it's the world's book.
The world edits it.
- Philip Roth

I just kept it real and had the freedom to do what I want.
It's not designed for any age group.
It's not made for radio.
There are no edits.
The whole album contains explicit lyrics but that's because you need it.
- Vanilla Ice

In doing everything, from coming up with the ideas
and putting them on paper till doing the final edits,
you are always thinking the next three steps,
you're always thinking what next, what next,
what next?
- Andrew McCarthy

No man ever looks at the world with pristine eyes.
He sees it edited by a definite set of customs and
institutions and ways of thinking.
- Ruth Benedict

David Burnett was the son of Martha Foley,
who edited the Best American Short Stories series.
She hired me to work with David and her to read stories for the anthology.
- Terry Southern

I wrote for a weekly magazine and then edited a literary magazine,
but I did not really feel comfortable with the profession of journalism itself.
- Guillermo Cabrera Infante

Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited.
- Ambrose Bierce

Everything we did, we did live - and then Bobby took
it home and chopped it up and edited it.
Which is pretty much what they did with every jazz
record you've ever heard.
- Charlie Hunter

Grant, if we edited Fortran, I assume that you'd put a column thing in there.
- Ken Thompson

You're always a little disappointing in person because
you can't be the edited essence of yourself.
- Mel Brooks

The things in my songs are the edited highlights of my life.
I don't go seeking out strange sexual experiences every day of the week.
- Jarvis Cocker

I've also directed, shot, and edited several music videos.
- Richard King

Watching the completed version of The Two Towers for example,
I was very conscious of scenes - sometimes whole sequences -
that I had seen being filmed or edited but which hadn't
made it into the final cut.
- Brian Sibley

Some of our early work was two minutes twenty when
it actually came out on vinyl,
very, very, very short.
Sometimes if you made a three-minute record they would
make you do an edited version for radio,
particularly in America.
- Pete Townshend

But now with technology I could sit down and do a bunch
of character drawings and scan them into a computer,
and the computer using my exact style could bring it into life,
where it would have been edited by various human beings before.
- Bill Griffith

This is where you see the truth of entertainment,
because it is not edited.
You see it on stage as it is happening.
Even if we fall down or forget our words,
it's a part of live entertainment.
- Eartha Kitt

At a magazine, everything you do is edited by a bunch of people,
by committee, and a lot of them are,
or think of themselves as writers.
Part of that is because magazines worry about their voice.
- Chuck Klosterman

I have like 250 letters that I have to whittle it down to 150.
Only then do you have the whole overview of a book.
When it was finally edited, at least my take was,
everybody's lying.
You know?
- Don Novello

So when I looked at pictures and produced my calendar and edited the pictures,
it wasn't just about looking at myself and thinking I'm attractive.
I try to take myself out of it and get into the whole
process of putting it all together.
- Brooke Burke

"I" is a non-stop storyteller, spinning tales
of the past, the present and the future -
constantly editing, interpreting
and directing this inner movie.
- Josh Baran

Particularly in the final stages I always find that I'm rushed.
It's dangerous when you're rushed in the editing stage,
most of my early films are flawed in the cutting.
- Satyajit Ray

So, while I gave up the notions of publishing at that time,
I never stopped editing and refining that book.
A few years later, in 1987, I thought I had it ready to go out again.
- R. A. Salvatore

For me, shooting, editing, and scoring rely on rhythm.
- Donnie Yen

Editing is a natural extension of the collage making.
It's actually one of the few areas that women were
able to excel in in the film industry from the beginning.
- Rachel True

I'm a big fan of editing and keeping only the interesting bits in.
- Sarah Vowell

Reality TV finds talented people.
There are no scripts.
The editing is what it's all about.
Great editing makes those shows.
- Pete Waterman

I worked at all kinds of jobs, mostly commercial editing.
- Marilyn Hacker

And after you've done the acting, there's a lot of
places you can put your input -
in the editing,
in the production of it, in the rewriting of it and so on.
- Paul Reiser

We are the products of editing, rather than of authorship.
- George Wald

All you're trying to do in an improvisation is get
as much material as possible for the editing room.
- Martin Short

If you're working on a computer and you're editing bass,
it looks like a warm curvy, sort of feminine object.
- Colin Greenwood

My life needs editing.
- Mort Sahl

But I suppose film is distinctive because of its nature,
of its being able to cut through time with editing.
- Oliver Stone

A harsh reality of newspaper editing is that the deadlines
don't allow for the polish that you expect in books or even magazines.
- Bill Walsh

My goal is to strip things down so that you need just
the right amount of words or shape to convey what you need to convey.
I like editing.
I like it very tight.
- Maya Lin

I directed a movie and now, I'm going to do the editing.
- Salma Hayek

You never really know as an actor; it's completely out of your control,
in terms of editing, and music, and film stock,
shot selection, and what takes they use.
- Aaron Eckhart

Editing is the same as quarrelling with writers -
same thing exactly.
- Harold Ross

What I don't have in theater is editing.
- Julie Taymor

If any sort of error is inexcusable,
it's an incorrect phone number.
One of the cardinal rules of copy editing is that every
phone number published must be checked.
- Bill Walsh

My self-editing process is intense.
- George Murray

I was editing Canadian Literature.
I didn't want to let Canadian Literature go,
so they reached a nice compromise by which I received
half a professor's salary.
- George Woodcock

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