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Independent Women Quotes

I hope you find great value in these Quotes about Independent Women from my large collection of inspirational quotes and motivational sayings.

It is easy to be independent when you've got money.
But to be independent when you haven't got a thing, that's the Lord's test.
- Mahalia Jackson

Well-behaved women seldom make history.
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sometimes in the black culture, being raised as an independent woman
is misconstrued as someone who doesn't need a man.
I think that's wrong. I think we all need someone.
- Boris Kodjoe

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It is capitalist America that produced the modern independent woman.
Never in history have women had more freedom of choice
in regard to dress, behavior, career, and sexual orientation.
- Camille Paglia

I like being a strong, independent woman,
and to be honest, I was never afraid to be on my own.
- Dido Armstrong

I've always been an independent person,
but that independence was in the setting of security.
- Patricia Heaton


Time is the most valuable thing on earth:
time to think, time to act, time to extend our fraternal relations,
time to become better men, time to become better women,
time to become better and more independent citizens.
- Samuel Gompers

There is no such thing as being too independent.
- Victoria Billings

There's no such thing as an independent person.
- Peter Jennings

I like to think of myself as being strong and independent,
but I definitely wasn't like that at 14.
- Alison Lohman

Until they come up with an independent woman
who's on an adventure of her own,
I don't think I'm interested.
- Michelle Rodriguez

Happiness is a choice - independent of circumstances.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The way to happiness is what I call Zero-Based Gratitude.
Each day be happy and grateful for what you have,
independent of yesterday and of other people.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Any human being who is becoming independent of conditionings,
of religions, scriptures, prophets and messiahs, has arrived home.
He has found the treasure which was hidden in his own being.
- Osho

Like a Cat, I am Independent, Patient, Alert, and Decisive.
When the time is right, I pounce on opportunity.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The greatest force in the human body
is the natural drive of the body to heal itself -
but that force in not independent of the belief system.
Everything begins with belief.
What we believe is the most powerful option of all.
- Norman Cousins

Every human has four endowments- self awareness, conscience,
independent will and creative imagination.
These give us the ultimate human freedom...
The power to choose, to respond, to change.
- Stephen Covey

The most important outcome of education
is to help students become independent of formal education.
- Paul E. Gray

I am simultaneously ME - an independent BEing
of free-will and bold courage,
and ME - an integral and inseparable element
of the web of timeless creation.
I am a paradox - a duality -
and yet an entirely unified ME.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Hero needed - apply now -
open minded independent thinker -
courage preferred.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Self confident independent thinker -
sounds like the makings of a hero.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Loneliness is not what it seems.
One does not feel lonely because one is alone,
but because of a feeling of lack -
a feeling that something is missing.
Loneliness is essentially independent
of how many other humans are around.
It has much more to do with one's self-esteem -
one's sense of inherent worth.
- Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Some of the best roles are for women in these independent, smaller movies.
- Kyra Sedgwick

There was an interesting article in Los Angeles Magazine about women directors.
A woman director makes one bad independent film and her career is over.
Guys tend to get an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
- Dick Wolf

Lawsuits should not be used to destroy a viable and independent distribution system. The solution lies in the marketplace and not the courtroom.
- Don Henley

Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent.
- Jim Rohn

The herd instinct among forecasters makes sheep look like independent thinkers.
- Edgar R. Fiedler

Without Socialism the working class is a heterogeneous mixture of different categories, some of which have independent, varying interests, sometimes opposed to each other.
- Karl Radek

The love of the famous, like all strong passions, is quite abstract. Its intensity can be measured mathematically, and it is independent of persons.
- Susan Sontag

Even an independent label is looking for a hit, they're not looking for a record that's not gonna do well.
- Talib Kweli

I don't think that's changed at all. I think there are a thousand stocks out there that could make you rich, totally independent of what you do for a living.
- Jim Cramer

No partnership between two independent companies, no matter how well run, can match the speed, effectiveness, responsiveness and efficiency of a solely owned company.
- Edward Whitacre, Jr.

We know from science that nothing in the universe exists as an isolated or independent entity.
- Margaret J. Wheatley

Most independent filmmakers in Britain and North America work for commercial crews and then have their own projects when they've got enough money saved up to do so.
- Ann Macbeth

I mean, it was a mummy movie. It was a good film independent of its source. It that looks like Lawrence of Arabia on steroids in a lot of ways.
- Brendan Fraser

My theory is, independent movies only work if you're willing to push the material and do something different.
- Balthazar Getty

I studied English literature; I took 2 independent religion classes, but I wasn't a religion major really.
- Maggie Gyllenhaal

It's the No.1 issue with people I talk to, whether Republican, Democrat or independent. They want to see the way business is done in Washington change.
- Francine Busby

The realistic value of a work is completely independent of its properties in terms of content.
- Fernand Leger

People in independent film have a passion; they're not in it for the money.
- Gena Rowlands

We have overcome the notion that mathematical truths have an existence independent and apart from our own minds. It is even strange to us that such a notion could ever have existed.
- James Newman

In the arts, the critic is the only independent source of information. The rest is advertising.
- Pauline Kael

If it's independent, it's because I love it... 'cause they usually end up costing me money to do.
- Kelly Lynch

Cuba ought to be free and independent, and the government should be turned over to the Cuban people.
- William McKinley

When you have a Senate that is 50 Democrats and 49 Republicans and one independent, it's quite obvious that the only way we are going to get something done is if we work together.
- John Breaux

I believe Watergate shows that the system did work. Particularly the Judiciary and the Congress, and ultimately an independent prosecutor working in the Executive Branch.
- Bob Woodward

The greater part of the governments on earth may be termed monarchical aristocracies, or hereditary dominions independent of the people.
- Ezra Stiles

I grew up in a very literate, very independent household where people spoke their ideas and were very supportive of helping each other find their own way.
- Lucinda Williams

May God permit us both to return to a free and independent Poland.
- Wladyslaw Anders

Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.
- John D. Rockefeller

We are here predominantly to support independent filmmakers and their needs. We are also here to assist people actually in their production, non-commercial people in their production.
- Ann Macbeth

I was making a lot of independent movies before the independent movement.
- Jason Patric

I'm about to go to Sundance for my 3rd year, and Sundance has never felt like a real independent festival at all. On the other hand, it might to start feel that way.
- Bob Odenkirk

Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent.
- Benjamin Disraeli

Newspapers that are truly independent, like The Washington Post, can still aggressively investigate anyone or anything with no holds barred.
- Bob Woodward

The writer is the person who stands outside society, independent of affiliation and independent of influence.
- Don DeLillo

International socialism recognizes the right of free independent nations, with equal rights.
- Karl Liebknecht

We do not support the man. We do not support the individual. We support the idea of independent revolution in the Western Hemisphere, free from American intervention.
- Lee Harvey Oswald

I know that I and my office acted with the highest integrity as an independent inspector general should act.
- Gerald Walpin

In independent film you tend to have stories that involve more of a community, and the smaller characters are important to the story.
- David Morse

I am sure that every one of my colleagues - Democrat, Republican, and Independent - agrees with that statement. That in the voting booth, every one is equal.
- Barbara Boxer

Nature never said to me: Do not be poor; still less did she say: Be rich; her cry to me was always: Be independent.
- Nicolas de Chamfort

You know, it was a small, independent movie and with Paramount becoming involved, it was obviously a good thing, but you can't put a round peg in a square hole.
- Ray Liotta

I was always an independent, even when I had partners.
- Samuel Goldwyn

Thus in such a Labour Party there can be no question of independent policy.
- Karl Radek

Unconscious Polities emerge independent of conscious purpose.
- William Irwin Thompson

I think she definitely has. I think, um, her and Mulder's relationship has become more equal. And, I think she has become stronger and more independent over the seasons.
- Gillian Anderson

A wise parent humors the desire for independent action, so as to become the friend and advisor when his absolute rule shall cease.
- Elizabeth Gaskell

We made a decision that monetary policy will be made by an independent European Central Bank.
- Gerhard Schroder

There's a tremendous intellectual fervor among independent filmmakers, and that has to be cultivated.
- Dan Glickman

My experience and what I do in snowboarding is really quite independent of the industry and the more independent it is, the more pure and better I feel about snowboarding.
- Craig Kelly

Well no administration ever wants an independent overseer, and there are very good career people who are in charge of this investigation, but it could get hairy.
- Nina Totenberg

Independent films are where you really get to cut your teeth and have some fun and do the things that mainstream Hollywood doesn't want to do.
- Anthony Anderson

It is not wealth one asks for, but just enough to preserve one's dignity, to work unhampered, to be generous, frank and independent.
- W. Somerset Maugham

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